UK Gambling Commission

UK Gambling CommissionUK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is responsible for gambling control on the territory of United Kingdom.

Status and objectives of the organization

The commission was established in 2007 and over the next several years has developed a number of parameters and requirements for anyone who wants to engage in gambling in the island state. The organization was formed on the basis of the Law on gambling, which prescribes all the main tasks of the state control organization. Despite the fact that the functionality and scope of the commission is constantly expanding, it is possible to single out a number of main issues, in which it deals with the solution:

  • control over the implementation of rules and regulations that are adopted in the UK;
  • licensing legitimate and specialized software;
  • issuing licenses for the right to carry out iGaming activities;
  • consideration of complaints from players about the misconduct of the gambling institution’s conduct or about the delay in payments.

The commission controls all types of gambling activities. Since 2013, lottery business added to this list, which is now also considered to be part of this industry.

Control of all operators

If the company wants to open a casino in the UK or organize a club for sports betting, it will have to comply with strict rules for doing business of this category:

  • The institution must be located in the territory of the United Kingdom. If it is a virtual casino portal, the server of the company must be located in the country.
  • The software must comply with international standards and pass all levels of integrity testing.
  • When referring players to the Commission, the casino or the game club must provide comprehensive information about the conflict.

If casino wants to operate in the UK, but the company’s servers are located in a different GEO areas, it is necessary to enlist the support of an operator who already has a commission license. Only in this case it will be allowed to open casino doors to UK residents.

An interesting fact is that the commission is completely a state organization. It is part of the Department of Media, Culture and Sports, so its power is much broader. For example, the UK Gambling Comission can participate in investigations and even collect intelligence information from an intelligence plan. When a complaint is received from the players, it may restrict the activity of the casino until the investigation is completed and require strict adherence to procedural measures.

Among other things, the commission can act as a consultant in the conduct of criminal cases and even provide analytical services to local and international law enforcement agencies.

The work of such an organization is beneficial to the quality of service and promotes the development of gambling business on the positive side. Casino and clubs understand that they can not deceive customers and must comply with all standards. Serious attitude becomes the main guarantee of fair and open play.

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