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Bitcoin in gambling: will regulators be left with nothing?

When it comes to Bitcoin, the main concern expressed by regulators is its support of strong anonymity. After exchanging fiat money for Bitcoins, your digital money is being stored in a virtual wallet protected with a private key. From this moment on, it becomes pretty much impossible to trace the owner of the Bitcoins, which is meant to protect user’s identity. On the other hand, fiat money ...

What bonuses you can take in bitcoin online casinos

One of the main advantages of online casinos, in comparison with their offline counterparts, is a wide selection of various bonuses that can prolong your game, make it more saturated and interesting.

General overview of bitcoin casino games, available for you in top notch online casinos

With this article, I finish the cycle of stories about different types of Bitcoin casino games that are available in online casinos.

Ace against dealer’s 6 and your heart beating 5 times faster. Bitcoin Blackjack – the favorite card game of millions

Blackjack remains the most popular casino game for several decades. It is hard to break through to Blackjack tables in real casinos because of the large number of fans of this card game. But the era of online casinos has come. And now the casino offers you to plunge into the game on Bitcoin. Progress does not stand still – Bitcoin Blackjack conquers the love of players around the world.

Bitcoin roulette: speed, reliability and anonymity, and nothing more is needed

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games, which is shrouded in legends and incredible stories, which are hard to believe even now. What worth the famous Pelayo family, they won millions of dollars in roulette almost in every big casino around the world in the 20th century.

How to play video slots on Bitcoin? And why is it so convenient and safe.

More and more suppliers of gambling software allow us to play our favorite video slots on Bitcoin. Not far off is the recognition of Bitcoin as the official payment method in online casinos by the United Kingdom Gambling Commissions (UKGC).

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