How to pick a trusted online casino?

How to pick a trusted casinoOver the past few years, the number of online casinos has grown at times and continues to increase every month. Relative speed of entry into this business attracts capital from all over the world. If you have money you can open your own casino within one month.

However, launching a casino is not enough, it’s the smallest step on the way to success. It is very difficult to earn the players loyalty and each project should provide an ideal service, comfortable and attractive conditions for customers.

The owner decides for himself, on what path to develop his casino. Owner can work with project for a long time, honestly bringing something new and unique, or throw dust in eyes and cheat players, casting a shadow on the whole industry.

In this article I will describe you how to choose honest and trusted online casino. Unfortunately, iGaming industry suffers from scam projects.

Fraud and intolerable conditions for players

Completely fraudulent projects are almost gone. But few years ago there were situations when player could make a deposit into casino and simply forget about the money. A few rules that will eliminate most of the questions when it comes to selecting trusted casino:

  1. Check the license. Information about the license of the casino is usually placed in the footer of the site. Most often this is a logo and a link to a certificate posted on the website of the licensing commission;
  2. Check the software. Sometimes there are casinos that host unlicensed and counterfeit software on their site. In this case, there is no random result of the game round;
  3. Read reviews about casinos in the Internet and on independent sites and forums;


Always read the rules

Often there are more clever schemes, the essence of which lies in the rules of casinos.

And even more often, the tricks are in the bonus terms and conditions. If you want to take a bonus, then be sure to check the following items:

  1. Maximum bet with an active bonus. Many people don’t even think about it, but it is very important. Most often the maximum bet is limited to 5 EUR in equivalent. Sometimes maxbet depends on the payment method you used;
  2. Cancelling bonus. If you want to cancel the bonus, carefully read the conditions for its cancellation;
  3. Wager. On beautiful advertising banners you can get caught with a bait when it comes to tasty wager, for example x35. In the rules it will be written that the wager 35x on deposit + bonus. I mean, a real wager in this case is twice higher with a 100% bonus.

Don’t forget to read about withdrawal terms and the KYC procedure. Trusted casinos always process cashouts within couple of hours. Often there is a situation where the casino for weeks and months pulls with your payment, requesting unnecessary documents.

Reviews and ratings on independent websites

Feedback from the players is the most important indicator of the honesty of the casino. Don’t be lazy to spend a couple of minutes to google reviews.

Check casino ratings on proven sites and you will save your money and nerves.

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