Marketing of foreign gaming sites is forbidden in Sweden – clarification of the Supreme Administrative Court


According to the decision from The Supreme Andministrative Court of Sweden foreign casino and lottery operators will no longer be allowed to advertise with local companies.

Current status-quo in Sweden

The swedish media is fullfilled with various gambling adverts which you may find on TV, on numerous online newspapers like Aftonbladet,, expressen and many more. Many of them were part of Schibsted media group which holds the biggest stake of online media in Sweden. This will of course decrease the media presence of casino brands which do no hold the Swedish license.

There are very few companies that decided to obtain the Swedish license – on the contrary most of swedish online casinos have the license issued in Malta. Malta is in the EU so Swedish players don’t have to pay taxes on their winnings.

Why did Sweden decide to clamp down on casino ads?

The current goals relate to News24 which linked to foreign gaming companies and Clear Channel which showed casino ads for their viewers.

Lottery Inspector General Camilla Rosenberg comments: “The Lottery Inspectorate sees the increasing marketing of gaming companies that do not have permission for their operations in Sweden as problematic. We therefore welcome the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court. I now expect all parties to follow current legislation and the authority’s decision.”


Clear Channel Sverige AB has been proposed to discontinue the promotion of the Unibet brand in Sweden. News 24 AB has been submitted that it will delete all links and gambling adverts of foreign casino and betting operators.

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