Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnwake gaming commissionOnline casino games have taken their place in the gambling industry, and this sphere has acquired its own regulatory organizations. One of these control organizations is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Main line of business

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) is based in Canada in the province of Quebec, but has the right to review licensing applications from around the world. The commission acts as a controlling organization for a variety of gambling establishments, poker rooms and bookmakers. The tasks of this committee include the following duties:

  • verification of the legitimacy of the software used;
  • availability of a conclusion with independent audit companies;
  • checking the reputation and image of the gambling establishment;
  • control over payments of all categories.

KGC has been working since 1996. Australian experience was taken as the benchmark for effective work. In 1999, a number of resolutions were adopted that approved the licensing regulations for all establishments of this type. In addition to working with virtual gaming portals, the commission works with landbased casinos. At least three casinos received a license to carry out its activities from KGC.

A serious approach to the development of all evaluation criteria has become the main guarantee that the license of this organization has full legal validity and is valued in any country of the world. In addition, the availability of a document from KGC acts as a guarantee that each player will receive his winnings and be able to enjoy an honest game with real money prizes.

Types of licenses

KGC offers several types of licenses, each of which sets strict limits for the gambling club.

  • Interactive Gaming License – confirms the right to design a gambling establishment with server hosting in Kahnawake. The limitation concerns the location of the hosting itself and the opening of only one website.
  • Client Provider Authorization – you need someone who has decided to become an operator and wants to organize the activities of a gaming establishment.
  • Inter – Jurisdictional Authorization – refers to a secondary document that you need to obtain for carrying out activities in the territory of Kahnawake.
  • Key Persons License – this document will be required for the management of the second type of license.

The size of the fee of initial installment is $ 25,000, for each key you will need to pay another $ 5,000. If the application for receiving documents has been rejected, then all monetary fees are returned to the applicant.

Each type of license has its own framework and limitations, which become guarantors of honesty and integrity of the gambling establishment. In addition to strictly meeting certain parameters of the evaluation, KGC pays much attention to the reputational element of the casino and applicant. A good image is provided by the number of clients who managed to withdraw their winnings, and the period of work in this area.

In addition to monitoring and controlling all the factors of the game on the virtual portal, KGC also provides a review of complaints. Such appeals are submitted directly by the players, and the commission acts as an intermediary between the game portal and the applicant.

The work of such organizations becomes an important link in creating an honest game and a positive image. In addition to the fact that such companies function according to international standards, their work is completely independent and can be perceived as a basic guarantee of fair and open play.

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