The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision CommissionOne of the most interesting places to play for money is a small island, which is located in the Irish Sea. The fact is that on the territory of Fr. Maine there is a legislation that makes relief to companies that provide services in the gambling area. However, the island itself is legally relevant to Great Britain, and general control legislation in this area is in force here. The main controlling organization here is Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

Gambling Supervision Commission- Goals and Objectives

The commission was established in 1962 and may be one of the oldest organizations of this type. Formation of the supervisory authority was a response for tightening the rules of the game, and initially the commission acted as the main guarantor of observing the rights of players.

To date, the commission fulfills the main functions of the supervisory authority and is engaged in issuing licenses to carry out business of this category. Main areas:

  • licensing operators who want to carry out gambling business;
  • consulting at the stage of application and clarification of the required regulations;
  • protecting the rights of the player during gambling;
  • game testing.

The most important tasks can be called the monitoring of the activities of each casino, which is located on the island, and the maintenance of international standards. In addition, the commission examines all complaints of players who act in a written or oral form. Failure to comply with payment obligations, fraud on the part of the casino and other conflicts that may arise between players and casinos, are resolved with the participation of Isle of Man Gambling Regulator.

Control of the state

Isle of Man is the part of the UK, although it has its own executive power, on its territory the laws adopted on the main island. Thus, casinos, including online projects, must meet the requirements set forth by the UK Gambling Commission. This concerns the use of licensed equipment and software that has been monitored by several international experts.

If you are planning to open a casino with the Isle of Man licensee, then you only need to apply and prepare required package of documents. Also, you’ll have to pay a state fee and formalize the legal status of the operator. After receiving the document, you will be able to work freely on the island, and in the presence of an operator with a license in the UK – to advertise their services throughout the United Kingdom. With regard to online casinos, the law operates in the same way, but you can conclude an agreement with an already operating platform.

The Commission largely relies on the regulations of the gambling authority in the UK. The requirements of standardization and certification can be exactly the same, but in some issues there are also significant differences.

The existence of such control organization helps players feel more confident, although it is useless to apply there with a complaint about failure in the casino. If the game was fair, then your loss will be just spent money, otherwise the whole sense of the game process would be lost.

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