Gambling in Sweden. Ready, set, SPIN!

Sweden is a Scandinavian country famous for the “ABBA” band which is popular even nowadays , the discoveries of Alfred Nobel, courageous Vikings. Sweden can boast on the world’s highest life expectancy and one of the highest levels of happiness among all countries in the world. Sweden is famous for its culture, scientific achievements and rich history. The combination of these factors makes the country one of the most attractive and comfortable for life.

Greetings to our Swedish readers! Gambling is widespread throughout the country. In the Skellefteå place blackjack tables and video slots located in local pubs and ferries. A variety of lotteries, both local and European, bingo, poker rooms and other activities are available for residents and tourists all over Sweden.

Offline gambling in Sweden

Since 1992, Sweden has no restrictions on gambling, and in 2002 the first online casinos have started their activity in the country.

Svenska spel

To be able to open gambling business in the offline market of the country, you need to get a special gambling license. In practice, it is almost impossible to obtain this license, and Svenska Spel company, which is owned by government, occupies 90% of the local market.

There are only 4 land-based casinos operating in the country, and all of them are owned by Svenska Spel. The casinos are located in Sundsvall, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malm. These are standard world-class casinos that offer all popular games: blackjack, roulette, poker and slots. In addition to the casino, Svenska Spel owns numerous bingo halls, lotteries, keno, poker rooms, etc. Access to the casinos is open to all players over 20 years old.

Online gambling market in Sweden

As I noted above, in 2002, the first legal online casinos opened in Sweden. In order to be advertised in the Swedish market, every online casino or other gambling provider must receive a local license. By the way, this license is as hard to obtain as for land-based casinos.

For all time, the license was obtained only by the largest online casinos, which almost completely killed the competition in the market, since the bulk of Swedish traffic is controlled by these several large brands. And as we all perfectly understand – the lack of competition always affects consumers (players).

Slow withdrawals, a long process of verification – all this, unfortunately, is typical for online casinos widely advertised throughout the country. In this regard, bitcoin casinos can serve as a good alternative.

Joo Casino – Swedish Bitcoin Casino

Joo Casino is a new online bitcoin casino that offers special conditions for players from Sweden. All popular payment systems from bank cards to electronic wallets Skrill / Neteller are available for your comfort.

It is worth mentioning the payment method Trustly. Now, you can withdraw money to your bank account instantly!

Joo offers you 1500 mBTC bonus (1.5 BTC) for the first three deposits. In addition, to each deposit you will get free spins in popular video slots.

Joo Casino is the top notch place to play on bitcoin from Sweden!

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