Danish Gambling Authority

Danish Gambling Authority

The Danish Gambling Authority was established to oversee the gambling activities in the country. The organization belongs to the category of independent state agencies that act in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of Taxation. This association is responsible for carrying out protective measures and exercising control over the market of gambling services in Denmark. The main task is to counter unfair methods of the game and illegal institutions of this format.

Structure of the organization

The Association consists of four main structures, each of which operates in accordance with strict regulations:

  • Politics and finance. This department is responsible for the observance of international measures of financial relations of all formats. Inspectors of this department monitor the legitimacy of each transaction and ensure the safety of funds in the accounts of players.
  • For such activities, a license is required, and this department is responsible for reviewing applications and issuing permits.
  • Compliance with legal regulations. The legal department monitors compliance with regulations in accordance with the norms of state and international law.

Agency Tasks

For effective work, a number of regulations and requirements have been developed, supported by legislative acts. At the moment, the main tasks are:

  • Issuance of new licenses and control over existing gambling facilities. The number of controlled spheres includes all types of land casinos, virtual gaming portals, lottery.
  • Observance of the adopted security measures and protection of players.
  • Collection of analytical information and development of the international gambling industry.

The Association does not consider complaints from players, but imposes all taxes on state institutions. In the event of a conflict between casino and visitor, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Compliance Department. However, the Denmark Gambling Authority will not take part in the consideration of this case or collect information on a particular case.

The work of the agency is more focused on providing all players with quality service and following the legality of all financial transactions. Also, the Denmark Gambling Authority may inspect games of casino for the detection of defects. Testing is conducted according to international standards, taking into account the availability of original certificates and licenses from other independent monitoring organizations.

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