Curaçao eGaming License

Curaçao eGaming License

On many online casino sites you can see the logo of the licensing commission and information that the casino has a license of Curacao.

Curacao eGaming license means that the online casino has passed a fairly reliable licensing procedure and received a license for online casino site. This means that all games on the site are certified and guarantee visitors compliance with all rules of fair play.

Curacao is one of the Antilles islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Government of Curaçao is one of the most experienced and long-acting casino regulator.

Advantages of Curaçao eGaming license

Many online casinos receive the license of Curacao, because the authorities offer a fairly fast and reliable licensing procedure, as well as favorable tax legislation. The authorities of Curaçao charge a tax of 2% of the profits and do not create any barriers to the entry of new online casino operators. If the casino is honest, then it receives the approval of Curacao.

The process of obtaining a license in Curaçao is much simpler than in the British Gambling Commission or other licensing services. This is due to the fact that Curaçao issues one license for all types of gambling, no matter if it’s poker, bingo or slots. The application process in Curaçao is as simple as possible and does not require special knowledge in law. Registration and licensing takes about 20 working days.

The cost of obtaining eGaming license in Curaçao is about $ 35,000, the subsequent monthly fee is $ 5,600 for the first two years. After two years, the monthly fee may be revised.

Owners of the main license have the right to grant a sublicense. The sublicense has all the features and benefits of a basic license, except the ability to lease. In this case, the owner of the main license is responsible for the actions of all sublicense owners.

In addition to licensing and regulating online casinos, Curacao eGaming provides technical and financial support to its customers. Such services include various specialized services, private cloud servers, the solution of international financial issues, as well as assistance in solving all possible issues related to the launch of online casinos.

Disadvantages of Curaçao license

One of the main disadvantages is the possibility and simplicity for any new casino to get a license in Curacao. With money and a legal casino site, there will be no problems with obtaining a license.

Curacao is not willingly interfering in the disputes between players and operators. Therefore, players often don’t consider that Curacao license is useful to them.

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