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Bitcoin gambling Sites’ history

Bitcoin gambling history of the humanity has always been linked to the history of gambling. No matter how far back in time you go, it is known that people always enjoyed gathering together and trying their luck in a whole lot of different ways. Betting, cards, dice, baccarat, blackjack, poker, one armed bandits have been exciting people for decades.

Of course, the world of gambling changes together with the universe. The first “traditional” casinos started to appear in the 17th century in Italy. In 19th century, the famous Monte Carlo casino adopted roulette. Poker started growing popular in 1970s in Vegas. Another revolutionary invention of the 20th century were the virtual online casinos that can be played on any computer. In 2003, live dealer casinos appeared as the bridge between brick and mortar casinos and the virtual world. In 2017, more and more players prefer to enjoy their favorite casino games on mobile.

Bitcoin gambling – What’s next?

You may wonder what the future of gambling will look like. Mobile games compatible with the newest gadgets, 3D casinos, Virtual reality headsets allowing you to play with you friends from all over the world from the comfort of your home. Being able to spot their tell-tale facial tics.

You never know. When it comes to gambling, everything is possible in the casino world.

Casino payment methods: the future is here

Online casinos are certainly one of the pioneers of innovative payment methods. A technology named cryptocurrency has been one of the most popular banking options over the last couple of years. And there are several reasons for it.

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin comes with perks for gambling that you won’t get from any other payment options:

  • Turnaround on deposits and cashouts is extremely fast and is being processed within hours or even minutes.
  • Bitcoin gambling transactions are sent using large strings of numbers. No ID required.
  • There is no strict Bitcoin gambling laws.
  • Bitcoin casinos don’t need a third party payment system, which makes them cheaper.
  • At Bitcoin casinos, you can play provably fair games.
  • Minimum deposits to play at Bitcoin casinos are often much smaller than at standard gambling sites.
  • Most Bitcoin casinos don’t set a max deposit or withdrawal.
  • Your payments to a Bitcoin casino are absolutely transparent. You can openly look them up on the public ledger.

What is Bitcoin gambling in a nutshell?

As you already know, online casinos can come in a variety of ways. Same goes for Bitcoin gambling. Casino games with live dealers and video slots, poker, betting and dice are among the most popular forms of Bitcoin gambling.

Many of Bitcoin gambling sites provide proof that they are running legitimate gaming environment, in which odds aren’t stacked against players, making them lose. At Bitcoin casinos, only luck determines how much you will win.

How does Bitcoin gambling work?

To get started with Bitcoin gambling, you need a place to store it, a so called wallet. It is important to understand that if your wallet is lost or corrupt, it also means that you have lost all your Bitcoins, unless you have backed them up. Please never forget to do it and take it into account when choosing a wallet type to be able to play on Bitcoin gambling sites. Now, let’s learn more about the three variations of wallets available for Bitcoin:

Online wallets are being stored by a third party on their servers. Some of the provides will also keep back ups for you, while some sites allow you to do it on your own. We recommend web-based wallets for new Bitcoin users, since they such wallets are very simply to use if you have basic computer knowledge.

Software wallets are stored offline, directly on your computer. They normally require a manual back up. Such wallets are considered safer than those on cloud servers, as there’s a lower risk of them being compromised and your Bitcoins being stolen by hackers.

Hardware wallets are considered the most secure type of wallets. In order to access such wallet, you need special software that normally plugs into your PC via USB stick. You will also need to back up your hardware wallet manually. However, it remains the most secure option as nobody can access your wallet without the USB device that unlocks it.

When it comes to purchasing Bitcoins, there’s plenty of ways to do it. You can buy Bitcoins via wire transfers, credit cards, money grams, debit cards and even cash. Be careful when making a purchase. Avoid scams by making sure the seller is verified and has good reputation.

Bitcoin gambling sites are dominated by Bitcoin Casinos

The number of Bitcoin gambling sites is rising at an unbelievable rate. That being said, a lot of new casinos are just duplicated copies of others, made by those who wants a piece of cake without any effort. Even more, some of them don’t even hold a valid license that allows them to offer gambling with real money. Their attempts to exploit loopholes in laws don’t make them any less illegal.

There’s very few reputable licensed gaming sites that are unique and actually distinguish themselves against the competitors. We tried to gather and review top trusted Bitcoin casinos on our website, encouraging you to only play quality games provided by the best operators. You are most likely already familiar with these games, but to be specific, let’s take a look at them below.

Bitcoin games. Regular gambling sites utilize gaming software providers to bring you thousands of exciting games. Bitcoin casinos are no different. They work with the famous provides like NetEnt, Microgaming, NYX, BetSoft, Belatra and others. When selecting a Bitcoin gambling website, look for game variety, welcome bonuses and a professional customer support team.

Bitcoin poker. The most famous casino card game on the planet can be played online at Bitcoin casinos. Standard Texas Hold’Em, Pot Limit Omaha, 7 card stud and many more variations can be played with help of Bitcoins. Consider deposit bonuses, bad beat jackpot availability and community size when choosing a Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin dice. Many Bitcoin gambling sites, namely Bitcoin casinos, sites utilize mathematical algorithms to ensure each roll is ultimately 50/50. Most platforms allow you to configure hundreds of rolls in a row. When looking for a dice website, choose Bitcoin casinos with provably fair software and a strong faucet.

Bitcoin slots. Video slots can be found at many casinos throughout the Bitcoin gambling community. Each one of the Bitcoin casinos offers various slots from different providers. Many of them offer slots among other casino games, for example, card games like blackjack. When choosing slots, pay attention to deposit bonuses, vast array of slots available and excellent customer service.

Bitcoin casino bonuses

Just like regular casinos, Bitcoin casinos offer various bonuses to keep their players happy and excited. Most Bitcoin casinos will give you free Bitcoins to play with if you deposit some. There’s three main types of bonuses such as No Deposit, First Deposit and Free Spins offers. Some of the best Bitcoin casinos also offer Second and Third Deposit bonuses, and even the ability to choose between money or Free Spins.

After you create an account at a Bitcoin casino, you will normally receive an email about all the bonuses added to your account when you transfer more Bitcoin. Of course, it’s all free, and there will be no additional transaction costs like with standard gambling sites.

Pros and Cons with online Bitcoin gambling sites

Bitcoin casinos have way more advantages than disadvantages as compared to standard online gambling sites. Bitcoin as a payment method at Bitcoin gambling website be considered a significant improvement to payment methods we are used to. Let’s go through all the pros and cons with Bitcoin casinos.

Advantages of Bitcoin gambling sites

  1. Bitcoin is a faster, safer and free payment option. There is no middleman charging you huge transaction fees when making a deposit.
  2. Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin gambling sites often offer higher winnings to players. This happens because Bitcoin casinos have lower costs as compared to regular casinos.
  3. Bitcoin isn’t controlled by any government or institution. This is especially important to those playing in an unregulated gambling market. For example, players based in the U.S. often have their money frozen at a casino. With Bitcoin, you will have full control over your money.
  4. No legal restrictions and tax issues. Even players from countries with strict gambling laws can participate without any issues. You won’t be charged extra fees when transferring money with Bitcoin.
  5. Bitcoin provides total privacy and anonymity. The majority of Bitcoin gambling sites won’t ask for your ID and personal information such as name or address. The only thing you will need to provide is your email in case you need to reset your password.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin casinos:

  1. Lack of regulation on the Bitcoin gambling market. While Bitcoin creates a more fair and free gambling environment, it also means that players need to take more responsibility and be careful when choosing a Bitcoin casino.
  2. Bitcoin gambling sites may hide their identity. Players aren’t the only ones who can be anonymous with Bitcoin. The sites can also hide their identity, increasing the risks of fraud. It is vital to only play at reputable and trusted Bitcoin casinos.
  3. Bitcoin gambling sites don’t have an official gambling license. Bitcoin casinos cannot be controlled as the cryptocurrency itself is anonymous thanks to its nature. It means that the authorities cannot request that Bitcoin-only casinos have gambling licenses.

How to avoid unreliable Bitcoin gambling sites?

It’s not a secret that online gambling has had a checkered past. If you do a quick research, you can easily find it all: from minor player grievances to outright horror stories about online casinos. While there’s plenty of Bitcoin casinos that deserve your trust, there are still some unscrupulous sites that have given the whole industry a bad name over the years. The sad fact is there are barriers to launching any kind of online business, including casinos.

When shopping online, you probably exercise extra caution in order to avoid your personal information being stolen. When it comes to choosing an online casino, you have to be even more vigilant. While we recommend to check out our top list of trusted Bitcoin gambling sites, it is just as important to take a look at blacklists. It’s the quickest way to stay away from scams and the absolute worst gambling sites. Instead of enjoying their favorite games, on such sites players often have to deal with:

Payment issues. Money matters remains among the most important concerns for online gamblers. There’s so many stories about players facing payment delays or never getting payed. Especially if you win big. Many victims faced nothing but endless excuses and lies. Some of the worst Bitcoin gambling sites even accuse players of cheating or abusing the Terms and Conditions, just to avoid paying winnings. Needless to say, such casinos not keeping their part of the bargain is beyond unacceptable.

Unfair games. All Bitcoin casino games at Bitcoin gambling sites except for live dealer games are based on RNG, or random number generator. Without turning this article into a computer science lecture, special mathematical algorithms ensure that every roll of the dice, spin of the wheel, and shuffle of the deck mirrors what would happen in a land-based casino in real life. RNGs are certified and audited to make sure that run exactly how they supposed to. Unfortunately, not all sites verify their games while claiming that they are fair. Some online casinos are known for letting their players win when they wager small amounts, but wins stop as soon as players raise the stakes.

Issues with gambling licenses. As you already know, online gambling sites must be licensed and regulated by gambling commissions in the region where they wish to operate. Sadly, some of the online casinos are licensed by questionable authorities who do nothing to protect the players. Over the years, we’ve even seen sites with revoked, expired, or even falsified gambling licenses.

Misleading ads. Internet is a place full of scams and prospective gamblers are hardly immune. Unfortunately, sketchy sites make all sorts of attractive promises without any intention of keeping them. Whether it’s offering impossible bonus conditions, not honoring jackpot promises or falsifying the odds. Players deserve so much better than that.

Poor customer support. This aspect may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but excellent support service is one of the signs of a good Bitcoin gambling sites. Casinos can be operated from anywhere in the world. Which means you can’t just walk down the hall and get help. The very best Bitcoin casinos will offer you 24/7 live support via phone, email and chat. Every player deserves to play his favorite online casino games with comfort, knowing they can get assistance at any time of night and day.

While blacklists are definitely worth checking out when choosing a Bitcoin gambling website, keep in mind that nightmares are rather an exception in the world of my online gambling and they are easy to avoid it you pay attention to where you play.

Are Bitcoin gambling sites legal?

Bitcoin gambling remains a gray area because authorities cannot maintain regulations in different countries at once. There are countries that prohibit gambling with real money. However, these laws don’t work against Bitcoin, since it’s not a fiat currency or an official currency. All this means that it’s not illegal to play at Bitcoin gambling sites.

The laws and regulations affect fiat currencies and Bitcoin is not one of them. This also means that the government cannot apply regular tax rules to your Bitcoin gambling. While the transactions are visible to everyone, the names behind them remain anonymous. The authorities cannot determine who is making or spending the money.

Is trading a Bitcoin gambling?

Some may say that any type of trading is a form of gambling since you are making moderation regarding probability.

The difference with trading digital assets like Bitcoin is that there is some potentially inherent value of Bitcoin that may be overvaluated or undervaluated at a certain moment of time.

Gambling, on the other hand, has a fixed odds system so it is way less unpredictable than the markets. There is no inherent value. At a Bitcoin gambling website, you are betting on the probabilistic outcome of a specific repeatable set of outcomes. Legal casinos don’t have any unfair advantage over the players.

Where will Bitcoin gambling sites be a decade from now?

Many people consider cryptocurrency the new monetary unit of the 21st century. The main reason folks still shake their heads in disbelief and label Bitcoin as a currency for gamblers and risk takers is because it’s still relatively young and unregulated. We are used to considering something unregulated a bad thing. Does it mean Bitcoin is, too?

Hell, no! Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is driven purely by supply and demand on the markets. The main advantage of Bitcoin is that it cannot be influenced by any markets.

Sadly, there will always be a few bad apples that use Bitcoin for nefarious purposes, giving it a bad name. However, the cryptocurrency was known as a lifesaver during natural catastrophes, when no traditional methods were available. Bitcoin has also been a huge asset in some countries with highly volatile untrustworthy national currencies.

You may wonder how the future of Bitcoin will look 10 years from now. Like all good things in this life, there will always be an element of uncertainty. It could be an incredible endeavour or it could be a terrible disaster. You never know.

Bitcoin gambling sites summary.

Bitcoin is definitely here to stay and it’s not a short-term solution so it’s important to look at the big picture. Some experts believe that Bitcoin could be worth $600,000 a decade from now. We know that cryptocurrency hasn’t really come into its own yet; but if we take its meteoric growth over the past 2 years into account, it is definitely on its way.

The pros of the digital currency for this world definitely outshines its cons, which is why we believe that its future is looking bright.

If you are a player from Sweden and looking for a bitcoin casino which accepts Swedish players so you are welcome to check out our latest project for Swedish players – NetEnt Bitcoin Casino.

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