Bitcoin casino vs. PayPal casino: which one to choose?

Technical progress has made it incredibly easy to deposit and withdraw payouts. Online games offer a variety of safe and reliable payment methods for different countries. Players are able to choose an international or a local option that suits them the most. The question is, which one of them is the most convenient?

Let’s take a look at two extremely popular payment methods, Bitcoin and PayPal.

Paying with PayPal

PayPal allows you to make safe and fast online transactions. Not all casinos accept PayPal, but there is a fair share of popular casinos that do it.

PayPal serves as the middle man between the player and the casino. You use your bank account to add money to your PayPal account, then transfer the money to the casino in order to make a deposit. It’s important to know that the casino won’t be given access to your banking information.



  • The gambling website can’t access your financial information
  • PayPal has good reputation and works closely with major credit card providers like MasterCard
  • PayPal strictly follows the security protocols and bans casinos that violate the rules


  • PayPal isn’t accepted by that many casinos
  • You may get hacked and lose your money


Paying with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new hot trend in the world of online gambling. More and more casinos start accepting it as a payment method. Being a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin offers a significant number of advantages over fiat money. It is a digital peer-to-peer online system, which means that there is no middle man. As a player, you are paying directly to the casino.


  • Bitcoin allows fast and cheap online transactions
  • You don’t have to share your banking information with the casino
  • When using a cryptocurrency, you don’t need to worry about hackers breaking into your account


  • Not all online casinos accept Bitcoin. However, you can always find plenty of trustworthy options on our website
  • Bitcoin is a relatively new type of currency and not everyone is familiar with it


As you can see, both options have certain advantages as well as disadvantages. We suggest you to try both, Bitcoin and PayPal, to find out which method works best for you. And the last tip for today – keep an eye on the latest trends and news in your online casino. Sometimes, you can get great bonuses for using a certain deposit method.

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