Belgian Gaming Commission

Belgium Gaming Commission

Virtual casino games have reached that level of development, when the issue of creating a special controlling body was sharply raised. In Europe, there are several countries that has its own organization of this type. In Belgium, this role went to the Belgian Gaming Commissions.

Tightening control and scope of activities

The Commission performs a number of functions that are designed to monitor compliance with international requirements by operators providing access to gambling. The area of influence of the organization includes:

  • Card and table games;
  • Slot machines;
  • Sports betting.

Main tasks:

  • Licensing of operators;
  • Casino games verification;
  • Compliance with international standards;
  • Players rights protection.

The last point is the most important for the commission, and it acts as the main guarantor that all visitors of licensed casino will be given fair play and an open relationship policy.

Education Commission

With the growing popularity of online games, the government of Belgium has decided to tighten control measures for them. In 1999, a bill was adopted, which prescribed the basic requirements for institutions of this format, and in 2010 the Belgium Gaming Commissions was established. It became responsible for the implementation of the regulations.

According to the adopted law, all licenses were divided into seven main types. Certain verification is required for each separate type of gambling.

  1. Class A for a broad-profile casino with all kinds of games.
  2. Class B is one of the authorization documents for slot machines.
  3. Class C is needed to open a bingo club.
  4. Class D confirms that the casino maintenance personnel have the necessary knowledge to work in this area.
  5. Class E is necessary for providers of slot machines.
  6. To offer sports betting, you need to issue a license of class F.
  7. Class G document is mandatory for gaming events that are conducted through the media.

The receipt of each type of license is carried out in several stages, which verifies the legal side of this issue and tests the gaming equipment.

Protection of players

The main task of the commission is to observe the rights of players and visitors of gambling establishments. Each of them can file a complaint with the secretariat and file an application for consideration of their case against a particular casino. Of course, if it’s just bad luck, then you will not get lost money. But you can draw the attention of inspectors to direct violations by the administration of the gambling establishment, and the commission is obliged to take measures to resolve the conflict.

In addition to complaints, Belgium Gaming Commissions can provide information about the beneficiaries of the institution or check the reputation of the casino. Analysis of this kind is carried out constantly, and in the event of sharp jumps in wins or losses, the casino’s work can be suspended until the circumstances become clear.

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