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Online gambling ban in Germany was confirmed by court

The Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig has confirmed that the ban of organizing and running online casinos, scratch card and poker games is constitutional, despite the ongoing impasse in the awarding of sports betting licences. Two online gambling operators licensed in Malta and Gibraltar turned against gambling prohibition orders. They were offering online casino, scratch card and poker game...[Read More]

Another All-Time High for Bitcoin: will the market remain optimistic?

Once again, the price of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin has reached a new All-Time High at $7,598 on November 5, as the market seems to remain optimistic about the mid-term performance of Bitcoin. Bitcoin adoption in major regions Despite Japan and South Korea being the two regions in Asia that are known to have extremely conservative investors and traders, they have seen a rapid ...[Read More]

10 ways to protect your cryptocurrency from hackers

Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms, added about 1.9 mil users over the last two months. In the same period,, the leading online cryptocurrency wallet, saw about the same amount of growth. The newcomers, especially those that are unaware of the risks and security holes in the complicated world of digital currencies, might become easy prey for hackers ...[Read More]

Name and phone number might be enough to steal Bitcoins

Researchers from Positive Technologies have recently reported about a way to compromise Google accounts using only phone number and name. Once the account is hacked, cyber criminals are able to use it to gain access to victim’s Bitcoin and bank accounts. Hackers have such opportunity due to a vulnerability in global telecom network. The flaw affects what is called Signaling System №7 (SS7). ...[Read More]

Did you know you could get Bitcoin at an ATM?

In 2017, it is rare to see a person who’s never heard of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, not everybody knows that digital coins can be acquired through ATM, just like regular cash. The number of ATMs installed worldwide is nearing 1,600 machines. Most of them, which is more than 900, are operating in the U.S, according to Coin ATM Radar, a website that tracks ...[Read More]

The market is over Chinese drama: Bitcoin price recovers

The price of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is recovering after a massive drop last week. On Friday, the digital currency plunged to as low as $2,951.15. The value hasn’t been so low since August. Last week, Bitcoin’s value dropped 14.7%. However, the price has since recovered by 34%. At press time, Bitcoin is trading at $3,995.89, which is still short of its rec...[Read More]

Chinese exchange is closing: Bitcoin price is down $500

Significant declines in prices for Bitcoin and Ethereum following the potential crackdown on exchange platforms by Chinese government have shaved $40 billion off cryptocurrency market cap over the past couple of weeks. On Thursday, Bitcoin price tumbled another 8%, falling to $3,380.60. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency by market cap has seen a decline in price on nine out of last thir...[Read More]

Cryptocurrency malware: is your computer secretly mining Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency mining malware could potentially affect over 2 million computers by the end of this year, according to the analysis provided by Kaspersky Labs. The report based on the data was published on technical support website Bleeping Computer. It says that over 1.65 million computers all over the world have been infected with Bitcoin mining malware since the beginning of this year. According...[Read More]

North Korean Hackers steal Bitcoins to support authoritarian regime

Hackers from North Korea are attempting to steal Bitcoins in support of Kim Jong Un’s regime, according to FireEye, a top cybersecurity firm. North Korea became interested in Bitcoin and other sorts of digital money known as altcoins, as the U.S. is aiming to pursue international sanctions in order to further isolate the country, FireEye says. “Sanctions against North Korea are fueling...[Read More]

Can Bitcoin get banned by any government?

Bitcoin became part of the financial markets less than a decade ago, but it has quickly found its niche as an alternative asset class. Can any government possibly step in and ban it? Flashback: Gold bullions were illegal Those of you who believe that no government will ever be able to take such an extreme step as banning the cryptocurrency, may want to hear this little history lesson. In 20th cent...[Read More]

Aston Crypto Plaza: luxury condos for cryptocurrency fans

A couple of high-profile UK entrepreneurs announces launch of a brand new luxury apartment complex in Dubai. The venture will be catering to investors who hold large amounts of cryptocurrency. The “Aston Crypto Plaza” is being spearheaded by Baroness Michelle Mone and her partner, Doug Barrowmen. Mone is a famous lingerie designer, as well as a member of the UK parliament. Barrowmen is...[Read More]

Bitcoin price drops as China bans ICO

On September 4th, China’s central bank has banned all ICO in the country. The authorities have called Initial Coin Offering “illegal fundraising”. An official statement has been released by the People’s Bank of China (PBoC). The institution serves as China’s financial regulator and central bank. According to the note, ICO has disrupted the economic and financial order...[Read More]

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