Aston Crypto Plaza: luxury condos for cryptocurrency fans

A couple of high-profile UK entrepreneurs announces launch of a brand new luxury apartment complex in Dubai. The venture will be catering to investors who hold large amounts of cryptocurrency.

The “Aston Crypto Plaza” is being spearheaded by Baroness Michelle Mone and her partner, Doug Barrowmen. Mone is a famous lingerie designer, as well as a member of the UK parliament. Barrowmen is a business mogul who founded the private equity firm Ashton Ventures.

In an interview, Mone revealed that the complex will contain of 1,333 apartments that are spread over 2.4 million square feet. The “amazing blockchain community” will also have access to a swimming pool as well as a gym, she added.

As expected, luxury apartments are quite expensive. The flats will cost between $133,000 and $379,000. Bitcoin enthusiasts are able to pay with their favorite digital currency. All transactions are processed by the platform BitPay.

The best thing about this is that properties can be purchased from anywhere in the world within a minute. Digital currencies make it easier than writing a simple e-mail.

Barrowmen feels like his venture is an amazing opportunity for cryptocurrency investors to convert their savings into “brick-and-mortar” assets.

In 2010, Michelle Mone was awarded the Order of the British Empire. She jokes that her background in lingerie design gave her plenty of experience in construction. For Mone, the 40-story apartments are much less of a challenge than the G-cup.

Pre-purchase of the blockchain apartments is available on their website. Early buyers will participate in a raffle to win a free apartment after a minimum of 50 apartments are sold.

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