Alderney Gambling Control Commission

alderney gambling control commission

The development of virtual casinos has benefited not only fans of gambling. Small island states began to offer services for licensing and regulating the virtual space of games for money. For example, that’s what one of the Channel Islands called Alderney did.

Location and state status

The island has only a few thousand inhabitants, and it is located in the bay between France and the UK. Despite the fact that Alderney is part of the British Crown, there is a local executive power. An offshore zone is established on the territory, which greatly increases the possibilities for carrying out various international transactions.

The presence of its flag and coat of arms has become a symbol of the fact that submission to the British Parliament is nominal, and the tax policy can be built on its own criteria of the domestic economy. To begin with, the government of the island state has introduced its own policy regarding virtual games. The Gaming Control Commission in Alderney has been operating here since 2000.

Tasks of the commission

The organization performs a number of functions that are directly related to virtual games. Among its jurisdictions are:

  • issuing licenses to operators who are engaged in gambling;
  • monitoring the observance of the rights of players while they are on licensed portals;
  • Software testing.

The commission in Alderney works according to international standards, and the license is issued in the same way as in other organizations. First a package of documents and an application are submitted, then it is necessary to pay the state fee and wait for the decision to be made. The process of issuing the document is governed by the requirements of the UK Gambling Commission, because the island of Alderney is still part of the United Kingdom.

One of the main tasks of this organization is the protection of the rights of players, which is why a license from this organization is valued among fans of online casino games. In addition to reviewing complaints and observing service standards, the commission is ready to solve the following tasks:

  • Analyze the reputation of the operator and provide information on sources of funding;
  • evaluation of the internal service system;
  • checking submitted software for errors;
  • Continuous monitoring in the field of compliance with security measures and protection of players.

The commission belongs to the category of non-political organizations and operates in accordance with international control standards. At the same time, much attention is paid to compliance with the standards for maintaining financial security during remote operations. The presence of a license from the operator is a guarantee that the funds in the players’ accounts will be retained in full.

Licensing categories

There are two categories of licenses that can be issued to operators:

  • Category 1. This document is necessary for organizing a gambling enterprise and opening an online casino.
  • Category 2. This license entitles you to remote access to manage the gaming platform.

Obtaining such a document is the first step towards creating a modern casino and will help build an effective relationship between players and casino representatives.

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