Whoppercoin: you can now eat your cryptocurrency

Have you ever thought of trading something fun instead of boring stuff like gold, oil and shares? Something tasty..like a burger?

Well good news is, now you can. Fast food giant Burger King Russia has announced their brand new loyalty program, that is built around their own cryptocurrency: whoppercoin.

As you may have guessed, the cryptocurrency was named after the Burger King’s flagship burger, whopper. It operates on the blockchain platform called Waves. The platform allows users to trade tokens on a peer-to-peer exchange.

As of today, the global fast food chain has issued a supply of 1 billion whoppercoins. More tokens may be released in the future. All you need to do in order to obtain some coins is to make a purchase at a local russian Burger King restaurant. For every ruble spent you will receive one whoppercoin. ($1 equals 59 RUB). A whopper can be redeemed once you have 1,700 whoppercoins.

While the main purpose of the shiny new cryptocurrency is to promote Burger King Russia, “edible” money can also be transferred and even traded for another currencies.

Whoppercoin even has its own asset web page, where it’s being described as an asset for buying whopper burgers and for stock exchange. Burger King Russia has also promised to release an app for whoppercoin users. It can be downloaded in App Store and Google Play later this month.

According to Ivan Shestov, Head of External Communications at Burger King, whopper has now become more than just a burger loved by people in 90 different countries. It is also a tasty investment strategy. Eating a burger today will contribute to your financial prosperity tomorrow. And, while this statement sounds like a bit of a stretch, who could possibly deny a free burger?

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